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Meet the

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Meet the team

Below are a few names of the key people who will look after you in the House.

Pastoral Team 

Mrs Vanessa Young

Mr Rob Young

Becky Alexander 

Housemistress’s Husband
Deputy Housemistress and Resident Assistant

The young family

patoral team.jpg

One of the above will always be available. Please do not hesitate to ask for help or advice, however minor your concern, or just come for a chat. On each weekday evening, there is a tutor on duty from 6.30-10.30 pm, and they are also available to offer advice and support, so there are plenty of people around to guide and help you. Working in the House are also the Houseman, the cleaning, laundry and catering staff. Remember to always be polite and friendly; everyone who works in the House is there to help take care of you, and good manners go a long way!

The pastoral team

Head of house team

Head of House

Georgia Zhang

Deputy Heads of House

Robin de Plaa 
Arianna Zeidi 
Matilda Hartig


The pupils above will inform you of any House events or deal with any suggestions or queries that you may want to raise.  As well as their general House duties, they are there to offer  you advice and help.

Your Buddies

The Peer Mentors are there to help anyone who approaches them and are trained to offer you support and a listening ear if you need it. You will also be assigned a ‘big sister’ who will help you with any questions you have over the first few weeks.

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georgia, Head of house

House Team.jpg

Robin, Georgia and Arianna