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Welcome to 

A very warm welcome to Ellerslie

This page is an informal guide to steer you through your first days in Ellerslie. It contains useful information about the way the House is run as well as giving you the names of those that will be welcoming you to the Ellerslie family.


Meet the

Find out a little bit more about the staff and pupils that make up the Ellerslie family

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A little bit about us...

Ellerslie is a friendly, hardworking and well-rounded House, and there is a place for everyone here, whatever your special interests and talents. Our name is taken from the girls’ school which merged with Malvern College Boys in 1992 to make the school co-educational. Our motto is ‘servo flamma igneus’ (to keep the flame burning), which reflects our belief that is important to remember the pioneers of women’s education, who set up Ellerslie School and who wanted 
to ensure that you would be able to enjoy your academic studies, pursue your own co-curricular interests and have  fun doing so! 

By the time you leave Ellerslie House our hope is that  
you will be confident, have made a great group of friends and will leave inspired and positive about the future. Whether you are a boarder or a day girl, think of Ellerslie as your second or term-time home. If you have any worries or questions it is always a good idea to ask. We want you to be happy and fulfilled, so please say if anything is worrying you. I look forward to seeing you very soon, 

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Dos & Don'ts

Do treat other people as you would like them to treat you.

Be kind and considerate, and try to put yourself in other people's shoes. You won't think of everyone as your best friend, but it is always important to be polite in how you deal with everyone, including your room-mates, older and younger girls, and all the staff that work in the House. 

If you are worried about something,

do come and talk to someone rather than bottling it up.

Be honest in your relationships with each other and with the House staff.

Integrity is an especially important quality and makes a real difference to all your relationships, including with the House staff and your teachers.

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School Events

Here is a list of some of the main events for everyone throughout the year, starting with House Singing, in which everyone gets involved!

House Singing - September / October

CVS Ball for Sixth Form - November 

Remembrance Service - November

Christmas Supper - Last night of term (Thursday)

House Drama - January / February 

The 'Ledder' (Cross Country Run) - March

Cup Supper - March 

Lower School Ball - Lent Term

Sports Day and commemorations - Summer Term just before we break up for half term (on Friday AND Saturday)


Malvern College

Foundation Year (FY) - First year

Remove - Second year

Hundred (100) - Third year

Lower School - Collective name for the first three 

year groups 


Hall - Prep/homework


Occupat - Sunday evening prep


Yard - Penned area attached to each boys' House


Yarder - Yard game whose rules are peculiar to each House

Longy - Sixth Form Centre 

Main Coll - Main school building 


Big School - Exam hall in Main Coll

Grub - Tuck shop and Lower School Centre

Mem Lib - Staff Common Room

Grundy - Library

Senior - Main cricket square - hallowed turf for some 


Junior - Junior cricket square


Triangle - Grassed area above the senior 


Barker  - Grassed area above Houses 3, 4 and 6 


Up-town - Malvern town centre


Tardy - Punishment for lateness

Sin Bin - Punishment for certain other misdemeanours


OM - Old Malvernian

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Pupil Thrive is a flourishing group of pupils who volunteer from across all year groups in the College. Its purpose is to discuss pupil well-being. The pupils make suggestions about how things could be improved, and it is used as a forum to chat through new ideas. Essentially it gives a voice to the pupils and for them to have open discussion about all aspects of life at Malvern College and  how it impacts on the pupils and their well-being. We look forward to  welcoming new members.

In addition to Pupil Thrive, there are lots of people who will be there to help and support you: the Head of House, the Housemistress, the House Assistants, the House Tutors, the different year groups are all there to offer  you assistance. 

But, if you feel unable to talk to them,  there is the Medical Centre where you can drop in any time or there is a school counselling service. 

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General Info

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Rooms are allocated by Mrs Young in consultation with Becky and Fran. Individual requests will be considered. You may decorate your rooms with photographs, posters etc. but you should only use blu-tack or white-tack on wardrobes to avoid damaging the paintwork. Do keep your rooms as clean and smart as they were when you first moved in. There are rewards for tidy rooms!


Apart from the normal routine of eating at breakfast, lunch and supper there is toast at morning break-time and at  4.10 pm every day, when you will also find a selection of cakes and biscuits. In the evening, after Hall, cereals and milk are available. Fruit is always available at meals. Perishable food must be stored in the fridge, and you are asked to  avoid eating take-aways or cooked food in your rooms.

Half-term and Leave-outs

At half-term and leave-outs the school closes and girls either go home or to stay with a friend or guardian.  
Mrs Young needs to know the details, in writing, of  
every girl’s whereabouts.

Leave-out weekends begin at 1.10 pm on Friday afternoons and girls are expected to have left the House by 2.00 pm.  The House will reopen at 6.30 pm on Sunday evening and pupils are expected back in House by 9.30 pm. Mrs Young should be informed of any late returns, and no girl may return after 10.30 pm when the intruder alarm is on.


A form for detailing your arrangements for leave-outs and half-terms will have been sent to you. Please could you ensure that your parents fill in the details and that you return it on the first day. Girls living overseas must have a UK guardian who is able to look after them if need be. 

Some Tips About Boarding

You may feel a bit homesick, especially if it is your first time away from home. You can phone your family as often as you want to when you have free time, so hopefully this will make you feel closer to the people who you miss. It is very normal to feel a little homesick at first and the peer mentors and older girls will understand and be able to offer you support when you need it. You will soon settle down and not feel so homesick. The more involved you get with boarding life the better you will feel. 


You will find when you come here that certain duties are requested of you as they would be at home. There are the obvious things such as helping to clear away at lunch and removing your crockery from your room. If you are given a duty to do, we expect you to fulfil it as best you can. 

Extras which you might like to bring

A comprehensive list of what to bring as regards uniform and sporting equipment has already been sent out to you but there are a few items you might like to bring which would make your time at EH more comfortable. 

•    A pair of slippers and dressing gown to wear round the House with your pyjamas!

•    A bedside lamp

•    Your own mug for hot drinks


We expect everyone to make a real effort to come to registration on time.

Common Rooms and Kitchen

Both common rooms have televisions, DVD players and 
a Wii console. You may keep your own food in the fridge in the Sixth Form or the Lower School common room kitchen, as appropriate; please ensure that you label it carefully and keep it in a plastic bag! There is a kettle, toaster and microwave oven in the kitchens and a small tabletop conventional oven in the Sixth Form kitchen. The kitchen and common rooms must be kept clean and tidy. It is suggested that you bring your own mug.


Other pupils may visit you in the common rooms at the discretion of the duty staff after 4.10 pm until suppertime from Monday to Friday and on Saturday afternoons/evenings and Sunday afternoons. Girls from other Houses may visit you in your rooms, provided they sign in and out. You must always accompany visitors from other Houses.


•    Casual clothes may be worn in House or in school grounds outside of lessons.

•    All laundry is done in House and these clothes may be handed in at any time.

•    Please note that the clothes will go through the tumble dryer so any “special care” clothes can be sent to Dry Cleaning and parents will be billed for this at the end of term.

•    It is essential that ALL clothing is clearly labelled.
(e.g. J Smith EH).

•    Laundry is done Monday-Friday and returned quickly, so you only need to bring with you the items you really need.

Signing out

You must sign out on the sheet by the front or side door if you wish to leave the House after classes for whatever reason, so that we know where you are, and who is in House in case of an emergency, such as a fire

Specific Year Duties

The Sixth Form all have prefect duties in the House and help with the evening routine: each evening one Sixth Former supervises the FY during Hall in the dining room, checks that all the Sixth Form are back in the House before bed and finishes off the clearing up in the Sixth Form kitchen. The Hundred check everyone is in on a Saturday evening before bed and finish off the kitchen. The Remove tidy up the Lower School Common Room and both the FY and Remove help with table wiping after lunch and supper. Rotas are printed out and on the noticeboards so that you know when you are on duty. Everyone is expected to tidy up after themselves in the common rooms, most especially after preparing food.

Smoking and Alcohol

Cigarettes and alcohol are not allowed in school for health and safety reasons. College rules regarding the purchase and consumption of alcohol are laid out clearly in the School Rules, and any infringement of these rules will be viewed as a serious matter. If you bring alcohol into school as a gift for staff, you must leave it with Becky or Fran in  the duty room.

The House Colour and Symbol

Each boarding House has chosen a colour for their sports strips and sometimes an emblem or logo which has come to symbolise their House. Our House colour is teal and our House symbol is a phoenix. We like to say that we are much more than just a number! 

Personal Possessions

Electrical Equipment

Rooms are allocated by Mrs Young in consultation with Becky and Fran. Individual requests will be considered. You may decorate your rooms with photographs, posters etc. but you should only use blu-tack or white-tack on wardrobes to avoid damaging the paintwork. Do keep your rooms as clean and smart as they were when you first moved in. There are rewards for tidy rooms!

Mobile Phones

There are specific rules relating to mobile phones depending on what Year you are in. These will be  explained to you on arrival.

Money and Possessions

Girls may hand their pocket money in to Becky or Fran for safekeeping and it can then be withdrawn when needed. The Sixth Form girls usually have their own bank accounts and the overseas girls who would like to open their own back account can be provided with a letter from Mrs Young to enable them to do so.

Do not leave valuables around: lock away watches or other jewellry when not in use (bring a combination padlock with you or purchase one from us at the start of term). School uniform, games kit, toiletries and other items can be purchased from the College Store by means of a “chit” system; Mrs Young, Miss Jenkins, Becky or Fran signs the chit and the cost then goes onto the end of term bill. 

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